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DT: Remiksis


I received a copy of Remiksis from a friend (thanks cliff!) and have 
enjoyed it very much.  especially like the sakimoto remix...very nice.

i was curious...you mention lisa gerrard in your liner notes.  was 
she involved with this project?  what kind of work have you done with 
her, if ya don't mind me asking?

also, are you familiar with robert hampson?  i was kindof curious if 
you were familiar with him/worked with him/influenced by/liked his 
work/etc.  his work was essentially my portal into the world of 
looping and sound generation...imho...some of the remiksis work has a 
similar vibe to some of the earlier Main, but with more messed up 
percussive structures.

very nice cd...looking forward to hearing the original.

best regards,