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Re: Digitech 2120 and looping (Belewps)

I do like the 2120.  I run both my dry guitar and GR-30 into it, then into 
2 Peavey KB60 keyboard amps.  It's a pretty simple set up, and it sounds
great.  I must say that for looping, I mainly use a JamMan.  10 sec is not 
enough for this looper.  Where the hell is that Repeater?


"Michael P. Hughes, PhD" wrote:

> > Go to Digitech.com and download the manual for the RPS 21.  Same 
>effects,> different box.  Now that you have the 2120 v2.1 you can have a 
>10 second
> loop
> > in the right channel and a 10 second loop in the left channel.  Have 
> (I
> > am)
> Sadly, according to the online manual, the RP21 tops out at 1.4 seconds.
> Pity... again, if the 21 had 10 seconds I'd consider getting one just to 
> as a looper (w/ onboard fx)
> Mike