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Re: OT: Re: DT: Remiksis

>>rich@nuvisionsca.com writes:
>>>I received a copy of Remiksis from a friend (thanks cliff!) and have
>>>enjoyed it very much.
>>a copy?
>While I don't know if this is what happened with Rich, I know that 
>when I but a new CD I'll often say I picked up a copy.  I mean 
>they're all copies after all aren't they?

yup...a REAL copy i got...hmmmm...what is a real copy these days? 
but i must tell you, my CD duplicator got really pissed at me 'cuz i 
didn't burn a duplicate...

david (and y'all),
do you feel it's more valuable to receive the money for the 
distribution of your 'real' discs, or that somebody new heard your 
stuff via the new duplication technology that is being marketed these 
days?  i don't have a judgement either way...like you said in an 
earlier thread...you got a couple of kids in college...so, would you 
be pissed if someone made 2 or 3 'copies' of your disc and turned a 
few people onto you?..."hey, you gotta check this guy out!"  would 
you feel like you we're getting the short end?

what about someone sampling from it?

bought a interesting CD a while back...Antediluvian Rocking 
Horse...distributed by Negativland's label.  It's almost completely 
sampled sounds, 'recycled' music, they call it apparently.  very