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Re:Vortex Upgrade/Vortex Noise

> just read an old thread about the possibility of upgrading the vortex to
>  an 8 sec mono delay.  no real conclusions were made.  has this been 
>  out completely as an impossible fantasy?  I know the "lexicon
>  upgrade" does not exist, but is it possible anyway.

If I remember rightly, the LD archive has Kim's 'definative' answer
on this one (from a examination of the service sheet).
...the memory expansion idea was abandonned during
development of the V. 
...you'd probably need to reprogram the software to make it work.

I've found the Vortex to be pretty quiet.
So don't know why other folks have found otherwise.
might be worth considering that the Vortex will
greatly increase any hiss fed into it if high feedback settings
are used (echo &/or flange), this being a 'side effect'
of that type of processing regardless of the quality of the
processor (because you're overdubbing the hiss many times).

Hi noah , as your Vortex is noisy even in bypass, I think
it must be defective.

There are Vortex samples on my website, if you 
want to compare the amount of noise.

Andy Butler
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm">Lexicon Vortex