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Boss RC20 LoopStation pedal - more info


I'm new to this list and find it really interesting both technically and
artistically. I thought this might be of interest - I got it from the
Roland.co.uk website.

 - New RC-20 Loop Station Effects Pedal Delivers Ultimate 
 Quality and Unsurpassed Tone - 

 On the 25th anniversary of BOSS Corporation, the company 
 behind some of the world’s most popular guitar and bass 
 effects is proud to premiere its brand new Twin Pedal Series. 
 These new effects pedals—the GP-20 Amp Factory, EQ-20 Advanced 
 EQ and RC-20 Loop Station—employ a unique dual-pedal design, 
 high-quality components, and legendary BOSS construction to 
 deliver absolute knock-out effects for discriminating 
 guitarists and bassists. And while the Twin Pedals are made to 
 be used on the floor for performance, they are also at home on 
 the tabletop for recording applications. 

 The RC-20 Loop Station is the answer to many live performers' 
 dreams -  a compact phrase recording and sampling pedal that's 
 actually easy to use. A long sampling time of up to 5 min. 30 
 seconds makes it possible to record an entire song, while an 
 Overdub function allows for the creation of 'sound-on-sound' 
 loops in real time. Thanks to helpful Guide Click and Loop 
 Quantize functions, its easier than ever to create perfect 
 loops. And once a loop has been created, either by stepping on 
 the pedal or using Auto Start, a Realtime Tempo Change feature 
 permits changing its tempo without changing its pitch, simply 
 by tapping the pedal in time with the music. 

 In all, the RC-20 can store up to 10 looped phrases and one 
 “one-shot” phrase, even after power-off. Hands-free control 
 and Mic and Auxiliary inputs make the RC-20 an essential 
 effect pedal for guitarists, bassists and other musicians 
 looking to create and play back loops 'on the fly'.