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Re: Vortex Noise

So did this sound like ac noise, or op amp hiss?

I've got grounding problems too, largely due to my computer
(damn pickups too close to the monitor).  But my vortex is a
hissy fiend, even grounding hum noise aside (which is from my
guitar and amp).  I got rid of some of it by maximizing the
input level to the vortex from the mixer, keeping the input
level on the vortex down as low as possible.  With no signal
going into the vortex, I can turn up the input on it and get
tons of hiss.  Turn the input all the way down, and it's much,
much better - but useless!  So my noise issue definitely seems
related to the input stage of the vortex at least.


Who will get off his arse and take it to the shop before selling
his vortex.  Mmmm, sweep that morph!

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>     Don't know if this could be the problem, but my rack setup
> extremely (almost unusably) noisy in the few minutes before I
> properly grounded everything & ensured there were no ground
> The combination of the Vortex and a Mesa Boogie Studio Pre
gave me
> ridiculous amounts of noise. Solution was to float the chassis
> of the Boogie and ground the Vortex only through one cable.
All other
> cables touching the Vortex and the Boogie have the shield
snipped on
> one end. It took a little while to plan out, but now it's damn
> Except when I don't want it to be, of course :)...
>                                                     - Mike