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Making an EDP footswitch from Parts

Hi Gang--
It ain't so easy finding 1% metal film resistors in the proper values!  I
finally wound up ordering online at Digikey.com, but even there they are
back ordered!  The values I installed already work most of the time, but as
we all know, it only has to mess up one time to be "no good".  Still, once 
get the right parts, my setup will be closer to fine.
And now, in the interest of talking gear and keeping the topics away from
politics and philosophy, let me share my latest treasure.  I unearthed a
stand-alone continuous controller pedal from my storage unit, and this one
is a rare find.  It's the Lake Butler CFC-1, part of the Mitigator series,
and it is allowing me to control the volume and sustain on my Ztar.  This
solves a big problem--I am controlling the volume and feedback of the EDP
from the Ztar, so I couldn't use that for volume of the synth stuff, plus
when Mark Johnson rebuild this doubleneck, he neglected to hook up the
sustain jack, so it had no internal sustain capability--had to use the PMC,
which only has 9 banks at a time (!).  And so my advice, with a tip o' the
hat to Claude is, never sell any gear!  Keep it all!  Someday you'll need 
(for something).