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Re: Pulsewidth site update

Thanks T--

I do see my stuff as being between "classic studio", Bell Labs, etc., and
perhaps current German minimalism (Marcus Popp, Jan St. Werner).  Do check
out the incredible early 60's work of Tod Dockstader on the Starkland

David Lee Myers
"Ourobouros" CD of new Feedback Music available now on Pulsewidth!
In NYC at Downtown Music, Kim's Mondo, and Other Music, and through Forced
Exposure, Anomalous, Wayside, Electronic Music Foundation, Recommended, and

on 3/8/01 9:02 PM, KILLINFO@aol.com at KILLINFO@aol.com wrote:

> Outstanding!
> I wish I'd checked out your music much earlier. Sort of reminds me of 
>some of
> James Tenney's experiments at Bell Labs in the 60s. Very "out" indeed. 
> Thanks! Keep the spam comming.
> T Killian