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Re: Akai S612

used to have one of these, and have no recollection of the switch -
supporting your supposition
caution - you should *always* power off before (dis)connecting  scsi
but with this puppy - you should *really* do so
(from one who didn't - thankfully under warranty)
maybe the switch is
 a circuit breaker replacing a fuse which is difficult to get to

enjoy - i had some real neat stuf goin on with mine, but wanted 'real'
sounds at the time
(silly me)


> Hoping someone can help me here.  I just picked up one of these really
> cheap and
> love it. Here's the thing.  On the back of the unit there's a little
> toggle switch above the
> port that the disc drive plugs into.  What is it and what does it do?
> There's no
> mention of it in the manual so it may have been a mod made after the
> fact?
> Any ideas?
>   Thank you!
>      -David-

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