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Re: Digital loops? slightly O.T.

Nah, I started out using Reel to reels and found them to have a very 
dynamic range.. Go digital, that's my advice. Of course there's digital and


> Hi
> I have been looping vocals and flute for about four years now. I
> currently use two very old reel to reel recorders and a few efx. but I
> am sick and tired of splicing my finger instead of tape. So I decided to
> take the plunge into the digital realm but after doing some research
> I've heard that digital recording can mute the harmonics of complex
> sounds seeing that I am an overtone singer this could be a major
> problem. I was wondering what thoughts people had on this subject. I
> know this is a bit off topic but I haven't been able to get a non biased
> consensus from other musicians. Any thoughts or solutions for this
> problem would be very helpful seeing that I am already on the waiting
> list for the Repeater.
> I live under a rock and use webtv I'm also very new to digital
> technology so please forgive my ignorance. ;8^)
> best wishes
> A.H.