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Re: Vortex Noise

> Thanks to the suggestions on this list, my Vortex is now much quieter. (I
>  don't know that I'd call it quiet, but it's no longer incredibly 
>  The trick:
>  I turned the output all the way up on the previous item in the chain (my
>  EDP as it happens) and then turned the Vortex input down as low as 
how about turning the Volume on
"whatever your plugging the Vortex into" downwards
and the I/P vol on the Vortex up. if you do this until the Vortex 
is barely clipping (LED) then you'll have the best possible settings for 
the Vortex. 
however if your going into a guitar amp the Vortex O/P , which
is line level, may give you distortion. 

 if your using registers & not presets you could try decreasing 
the OUTPUT parameter and increase the Vortex I/P to compensate.
(then store the result)


andy butler