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Re: OT reverb stuff and more.....

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> this may be of interest in looking for a reverb unit and they used the
> word
> affordable in their blurb..... Click here: New from Alesis.....i found
> this
> as i was looking for information on their "air-synth", for some
> reason, i am
> really lusting after this piece, it seems that it would be neat in a
> "live"
> rig, same as the "air-fx", we made mention of these a few weeks ago
> and i was
> wondering if there is any more input around these tools.....michael

speaking of reverb, has anyone had a chance to check out demeter's new
rv1 stereo rackmount spring reverb? the descriptions i've read so far
are intriguing (but it wouldn't fall into the "affordable" range you are
talking about- nanoverbs and such; though for a QUIET analog, stereo
accutronix-based reverb, with a pretty decent amount of flexibility, a
msrp of US $699 ain't too bad)...check


or the latest issue of tape op for reviews...

btw, he's only made 50 of 'em, so if anyone is really interested they'd
better order quick :-)

lance g.