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let a new yorker tell you where to go.

you could check out:

you can try:

rogue music (251 w. 30th st)
30th street guitars (across the street from rogue)
east village music (in the e.vill, natch - e. 3rd st.)
sam ash (pro-audio) on 48th street is not adverse to selling used gear, sometimes they have something interesting.

that should burn up a day or 2... so, where's the scampi?


hello everybody,

I'm looking for a help

In the next days I'll probably go to NYC. Is there seomeone who can tell me which are the best shops for new &used gear in town? Is there any cool special place to go for us?
I know this sounds a bit consumistic, but you must consider that some "esoteric" stuff is very hard to find here in Italy. It took me years to find an expanded Jammy and I could get one only in Frankfurt (second hand - payed about 1000 DM - more or less 500 $ -  would you imagine that?)... so if someone has good addresses  This would save me a lot of time!

Thanks in advance


(In change I can point you a very good italian restaurant in Brooklyn!)

 - just what the world needs... another frikkin url -