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RE: Boomerang question

Thanks to all who contributed to this post. I've been enlightened! :>)
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Don't you agree?

yepper!.....joe, mike nelson of "boomerang music" posted to us a few weeks
ago that he was going to be tied up for a bit with some personal issues, this
could be the reason for his not getting back to you in a timely
fashion.....also, historically, the rang has had a new up-grade which has
been in the works for a good while, this just came out several months (i
forget exactly) ago.....mike and his cohorts have been doing upgrades on old
rangs (they did mine) and getting ready to start producing the new up-graded
rang, i guess the "rang +" or whatever.....bottomline, the rang is a great
tool, the rang + is a better tool and mike and the boys at boomerang music
are nice people.....buy every looper you can!.....:).....michael