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Re: Loop Recording and Loading

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Stephen Bradley and Kristen Chamberlin wrote:

> I do have an EDP, and I am looking to find a reliable way to save loops 
> future loading back into the EDP........what can people recommend?
> I've thought about possibly getting a mini-disc recorder...

I don't have an EDP (grumblegrumble) so I know nothing about that side of 
issue, but I can say this:  I LOVE my minidisc deck.  Basically infinite 
re-recordability, complete editability, titling, durability, portability, 
any other -abilities I'm forgetting.  Sometimes I feel like my MD recorder 
only a 1000 lines of code and a footswitch away from being a looper itself.

Some people may complain that since audio is stored on the MD in a 
format there are issues with sound degradation.  I know that my ears have 
only very rarely heard what I'd call compression loss; rarely as in 4 or 5 
times in three years.  Of course, everyone's ears are different.