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Re: Repeater Uses Note On

>  >The Repeater uses note on to shift pitches--good for something, but????
> ??? Shifting pitches is usually good for pitch shifting.
> I'm confused on what you're asking.
> Repeater has the ability to record a loop in one key, and play it back
> pitch shifted by following MIDI NOTE messages. Fun for controlling your
> didg loops via a MIDI keyboard.  :)
> Mark

Yeah, but--
I can't send controller values from the fretboard of a MIDI guitar.
Nor can I send program changes from different zones of the neck . . .
I'm not asking anything.
I'm pointing out that this product is severely limited in it's
implementation of MIDI note on information.
I like some of the features, but the bottom line is, this unit doesn't do
everything I need, and I can't do beans with it from the Ztar.  The EDP,
with its note on MIDI capabilities, is gonna be impossible to replace.