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Re: MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading

(hi) Miko and i have discussed this a little--I find the MD is fantastic
overall, but seems to have problems with harmonically complex noises (like
my didgeridoos and reeds)--I usually hear a few hissy little 
that aren't there in the original mix

I thought it was just my compromised grey matter, but I saw a post on a MD
group from a bagpiper who reported the same problem

I notice it with my Sharp 702 and my Sony MDS-DRE1, which is the now
discontinued DJ minidisc deck that allows you to instantly cue up to 12 set
points--you can loop them pretty seamlessly

and of course there is a scratch pad      ;)  wild piece of kit!

I still use a portable Marantz and a Sony Walkman Pro for alot of recording
and though there is more hiss, I find the sound to be more realistic--but
you can't beat the convenience of MD

drone on~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tom Lambrecht

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Subject: MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading

> I've read a bit about non-audible frequencies and their contribution to
audible frequencies through inter-modulation... It's interesting to ponder
the ramifications of this stuff and I'm sure engineers (audio and 
can debate endlessly on the subject.
> I can state without hesitation that in fairly nice studio type
environments, my mini-disc player has yet to offend my ears. SNIP