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MD and EQ

> So if these frequencies are not present on the MD
> after recording, wouldn't the effectiveness of
> subsequent EQ (say, on a mixer) be hampered by the
> lack of these frequencies?

my solo album, 'And Nothing But The Bass' was all, except one track,
recorded live to MD infront of an audience, just using a sony ECM-907 
mic. I then dumped it all into Protools to match levels and EQ and edit out
all the crap that I talk between tunes. I didn't detect any problems with
EQing it in protools, though admittedly we didn't have to do that much to
most of it. I was amazed at the record quality from the MD - there are a
couple of points where it clips and there is minimal digital distortion
(managed to get rid of most of it in pro-tools - gotta love that pencil

I recently listened to the album through the studio monitors at Abbey Road
(Penthouse studio/DVD suite) - if anything would show up flaws in the
recording it would be the system in there and it sounded amazing! I was 
chuffed :o) 

So MINIDISC gets my vote...