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Stanford U CCRMA concert - some looping

I see that Stanford Univerity's Center for Computer
Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)is having its
winter concert this Friday.  I've not been to any of
their performances before, but plan to go, if anyone
wants to meetup.

Here are some interesting tecnical tidbits (more at
 "Crossings" looks like the most immediately
loop-related performance.


- Oranged - ...This piece was composed using Frequency
Modulation and only Common Lisp Music on Linux at

- Fabrication for trumpet and electronics

- Music for Hi-Hat and Computer
Technically, the computer tracks parameters of the
hi-hat, such as pitch, amplitude, spectrum, density,
rests, articulation, tempi, etc, and uses this
information to trigger specific electronic events, and
to continuously control all the computer sound output
by directly controlling the digital synthesis

- Crossings for solo guitar and live electronics
Crossings also uses a live sampling technique -- in
which a series of patterns are captured into a
recorded loop and repeated back -- allowing the
soloist to play an additional melodic layer while the
sampled pattern continues.

S-Trance-S for metasaxophone
S-Trance-S (2001) explores instrumental transduction
between "real" and physically modelled instruments.
The metasaxophone controls the transformation between
three instruments: the acoustic saxophone, a string
physical model created by Stefania Serafin and here
played by the metasaxophone controllers, and acoustic
bowed string timbres played by the computer

UNI for Radio Drum and tactex pad
UNI is a new piece created by the performers that
integrates realtime performance of both sound and
images in a structured improvisation. It has only
recently become possible to "play" images in
realtime...Sound material is gathered from these clips
and other sources, and processed using Max/MSP.


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