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Re: fretless looping guitars

on 3/15/01 5:23 PM, Paolo Valladolid at phv40@hotmail.com wrote:

> I have a Fernandes Native Pro Fretless, which comes standard with 
> I have found that the Sustainer takes a little longer to activate the top
> E string (a .009) than the other strings.
> To be honest, it's been sitting in its case ever since I took up the 
> Otherwise, by now I would have replaced the strings with a set of .011s 
> kept bugging Fernandes and Fretlessguitar.com about the promised glass
> fingerboard add-on option.
> Paolo

I have never tried a glass fingerboard, does it give a colder, sharper
sound? I quite like the wooden sound of the hardwood fingerboard.
As for the strings I believe thicker ones should give more "body" to the

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