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Re: fretless looping guitars

"roberto" <roberto@nomade.worldonline.co.uk> put forth:
> Something to be considered is that, in order to obtain a decent sound 
> some "body" you need thicker strings - I have tried various combinations
> am now using some electric bass and some metal wound mid-gauge guitar
> strings. This results in a lower tone and different tuning, it also
> strengthening the bridge and saddle as the strings' pull is stronger and
> could easily rip the bridge off (or simply not keep the intonation).
> There is plenty of room for experiments!

Wouldn't it be of advantage then to have a harder fingerboard surface?
Glass might for sure be very hard, but wouldn't it resonate in a much
different manner than good ol' wood?  Secondly, one would probably get a
kind of fretless bass sound out of the lower strings, wouldn't one?  Just a
few thoughts.

Stephen Goodman
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