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Re: fretless looping guitars

on 3/15/01 10:05 PM, become_1 at become_1@email.msn.com wrote:

> my 2 centesimi for this thread:
> the godin glissentar i ordered long ago just arrived on monday (thanks 
> and i'm having much fun with it--i like the fact that, as well as being
> fretless, it sounds quite different from a guitar (though not quite like 
> oud, either) .  I'm also finding it easier to adapt to the lack of frets
> than i thought (and i love the feel of sliding around the flat ebony
> fingerboard)--at present, alas, my glissentar playing still sounds a lot
> like my guitar playing only with more erratic intonation, but it seems to
> become "natural" fairly quickly.
> Definitely an instrument worth checking out, i think it's priced 
> too.
I couldn't find any reference to the glissentar in the Godin web site. 
you let us know where to look for it? (and how much des it cost?)

Thank you

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