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a message to TIKTOK from austin texas ...

Title: Re: MD Issues contd.
are you from austin? i saw you on amn the other night and really enjoyed your fripesq compositions. very cool. i live here in austin and perform often. i do a 'looping extravaganza show' where i loop my vocals and guitar through a rang. it's pretty neat. i will be playing at ruta maya this sunday during sxsw from noon to 2pm. it is a free show case. if you can, come by and say hi.
jimmy george
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From: Tiktok
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: MD Issues contd.

Oh, I don't know about that.  I believe MD's only hold 140MB of data, which would translate to about fourteen minutes of CD-quality stereo soun, so there's no way it was going to be the threat to CD sales that CD-R's and mp3 later became.    I think it's more likely that MD was conceived as a replacement for cassettes with most of the features people enjoyed from CDs rather than a compression scheme was added in to keep the RIAA out of the poorhouse.  

I do remember a story that the initial length of CDs was based upon what it would take to fit Beethoven's Ninth Symphony [sometimes regarded as the greatest piece of music ever] on one disk.


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Isn't it possible that the same old "they'll steal from us!" credo was put
into effect, such that perhaps if the unit was capable of only recording 68
minutes, but had CD-quality sound, it wouldn't be allowed into the US
(according to all-too-familiar RIAA scare tactics used in the past on every
other recording medium introduced since the Compact Cassette)?  Perhaps Sony
blanched and actually believed their paranoid rantings, not thinking that
       anyone in the US would jump to their defence.