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RE: FW: UK echoplex

Thanks for that. I'm trying to locate that issue in the mountain of music
mags we have piled up all over the office. If anyone fancies scanning it 
me and e-mailing it over I'd be very grateful.

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> > 499
> >  is not unreasonable as an estimate of how much they will 
> be. I'd like to
> >  have more details of this review if possible, as we are 
> not aware of one =
> >  and
> the  UK 'plex review was in the Sept 2000 edition
> of 'Guitar' magazine.
> reviewed by Rory Lane
> who gave a fairly comprehensive list of features
> he said it was not cheap, but worth the expense at 499
> sound quality 'distinctly' better than JamMan and DL4
> manual a bit cryptic
> 'all a seasoned looper might miss is a half speed option'
> 'anyone into serious looping needs one'
> not my opinions, just quoting .....andy butler(waiting)