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Re: Re: fretless looping guitars: glissentar

> .....except for the fact that it's nearly useless w/o changing to a 
> gear-ratio tuner (the supplied tuners slip like crazy) & non-compensated
> bridge (hard to play chords in tune, esp. at the bottom of the neck) !!!

haven't yet noticed any slippage on mine, and at present chords are well
beyond my limited fretless capabilities!

> also:
> ya may wanna swap the upper nylon strings for slightly heavier-gauge
> silk+steel:
> seems like they'd 'speak' better, & make for a more consistent tone 
> the instrument.

this i'd been wondering about, as it seems even less consistent than 
the case with nylon/wound mixes.   do you have a more specific suggestion 
guage/strings?  godin only sells one set.
is that also a problem with the electric oud?

> my 2 cents.....
and then you're always asked for more....

thanks for suggestions,
bruce comens