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RE: tgif gig spam

hehe, you saw that lesson, yeah it's very nice that they ran it, they will have audio examples on their website in a few days of the examples in the lesson, they had a symbol character that didn't quite print correcrtly so it ind of made a mess of the tab, but they are fixing that on the website. Well next month's won't have these errors. Thanks for noticing the lesson. I charged my mom $3.00 for not going to see me play.oh yeah its onlien at http://www.musicianshotline.com (page 42). Shameless plug.
Denis Taaffe
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Check it out if your in town $3 cover.or you can just send me the three
bucks as an apology for nbot being there 8-)

dennis.....if i were there i would come with several people, should i send
you $12 guilt money.....:)....nice article by the way on sweep