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RE: fretless

On 3/16/01 at 2:57 PM, JBailey@corporate.southam.ca (Bailey, Jim) wrote:

> > also consider painting fingerboard with epoxy paint (like 
> > Pastorius) to 
> > stop it wearing away
> I painted mine with Tremclad (r) rust-proof paint. It gave a fairly 
> surface (not that it matters for the kind of stuff I do), and there's 
>not a
> speck of rust on that neck ;-).

Yipes. I have a luthier friend who swears that when it comes to filling in 
in fretboards the only way to go is by making up a powder of ebony or 
wood you're using (sawdust or sanding dust), mixed with a little bit of 
soda (bicarbonate of soda) put all this in the hole and then squirt some
superglue into it. 

Go nuts kids. This also works pretty well at fixing cracked clarinets.