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RE: Signal Routing Modeling


If you are using Windows 9x, NT, etc., there's no need for a screen-dump
utility.  And if you don't have a graphics software package, you can still
use the built-in "Paint" to save screen dumps to disk in BMP format only, 
you could just print them and not save them.

Here's what you do:
* For the full screen, just go Shift+PrintScrn.
* For the current window, whatever the size, go Alt+PrintScrn.

Then switch to your graphics software, or to "Paint," and paste (Ctrl+V).
They you can save to JPEG, or GIF, or your format of choice.


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  | you can download the winblade application from www.soundsculpture.com
  | its the GUI of the famous switchblade but you can use it without the
  | hardware
  | not the best for your purpose but its free
  | you'll also need an utility to make screen dumps if you want the graphs
  | to be printed or exported