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Re: Repeater Update

if anybody is terribly upset about this last announcement, and is 
completely disillusioned...why not call Alto and say, "hey, i'm out, 
this is too long", and just wait for the shiny little toy to end up 
on the shelves of your local music store?

i'm not advocating taking any business away from Alto, they seem 
really helpful.  but i got into a financial pinch while i was waiting 
for the first shipment of Gibson EDP's...remember that?  god, it just 
went on forever.  The folks at Alto were very understanding of my 
frustration and financial situation.  Once i let go of that damn, 
"oooh, i can't wait for it" advance order, i felt much better.

still don't have an EDP, and was able to play with one long enough 
later to realize that maybe it's not the machine for me...maybe....

too bad i didn't stress out for months to get ahold of a buggy unit 
to only find that out, eh?


>At 02:11 PM 3/19/01 -0800, you wrote:
>>Mark Sottilaro (01:20 PM 03/19/01) wrote:
>  > >I've lost my last bit of optimism.  The Repeater, at it's projected 
>>  >seemed too good to be true.  In November you just had to tweak your
>>  >powersupply
>>  >design and then the Repeater would ship.  8 months off?  It's time to
>get an
>>  >Echoplex.  Sorry Electrix.  This is obviously vaporware.  What was 
>>  >thing in
>>  >the quicktime video of the namm demo?  It seemed to be a working 
>>  >so what's the problem?  Fess up: you are unable to offer that product 
>>  >$599 list.  It would have been nice if Electrix had been honest from 
>>  >start.
>  >
>>The machine that was at Winter NAMM 2001 was NOT complete and a couple of
>>functions were not at production quality. Damon had stated that earlier.
>>Sh*t happens.
>>The Waldorf Q was release a year past it's announce date, the Alesis
>>Andromeda was back and forth for 3 years, Bob Moog's new machine will be 
>>months past the hopeful date.
>>Kudo's to Electrix for keeping folks in the loop.