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Re: Repeater Vaporware????

Here's the deal.....If you need a Looper TODAY, just get something else.  
you need a Looper that will STORE your loops as well as transfer them to 
from a Computer, AND do time stretching in Real Time...then you should 
until the Repeater comes out (it's the only one).

I can assure you that it IS NOT Vaporware.  The problem is that it is so 
powerful and has so many features....the Software is going to be 
complex.  Get a Line6 Delay now, and then you can use it for FX when the 
Repeater is out  :)

Be thankful that Electrix is using this Discussion Group for Feedback.  
won't see Roland/Boss around here looking for suggestions for the Loop 
Station. Their R&D is all done in Japan!

I share your pain...I've been waiting for Repeater since I saw it (an 
box of course) at Summer NAMM last year!

In a message dated 3/19/01 8:50:53 PM, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com writes:

<< It's time to get an
Echoplex.  Sorry Electrix.  This is obviously vaporware.  What was that 
the quicktime video of the namm demo?  It seemed to be a working Repeater, 
what's the problem?  Fess up: you are unable to offer that product for $599
list.  It would have been nice if Electrix had been honest from the start.