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RE: Elektros Againinator

Title: RE: Elektros Againinator


ya know,

it seems like the best way for people to deal with their lack of interest in the repeater is to hit the delete key when they see "repeater"  in the subject header. i do whenever i see stuff about edp foot pedals, etc., that i know of is no use or interest to me.

also, i think it somewhat unsavory that you are now impugning someone's integrity on the list. if you have a problem, e-mail the electrix folks directly. i think that it would show a lot more intestinal fortitude than slamming them to hundreds of people across the world.


Hello loop fans,

My name is Charley LaRue and I represent a company called Elektros and we're
proud to announce our new product, The Againinator.  This new loop tool will
not have any audio features to speak of, but instead will feature infinite
release delays, making it the ultimate delayed device not available on the
market today.  Please respond to me with a feature list you'd like to be
denied of.  We don't have a prototype yet to speak of, but it will be ready
sometime between tomorrow and the end of your useful life.  If you'd like to
get an idea of what it's going to look like, please hit yourself in the head
with a large office machine instead.  The Againinator will list for US$17.99,
and through group buys you will actually be able to make money from getting
it, much unlike most of your gigs.  For those of you that are not musicians,
we also might offer a product based on chickens with built in wheels that can
be controlled via the internet.

yours truly,

Charley LaRue
Elektros Inc.