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>From: JohnFlem@aol.com
>Be thankful that Electrix is using this Discussion Group for Feedback.  
>won't see Roland/Boss around here looking for suggestions for the Loop
>Station. Their R&D is all done in Japan!

And this email list can't reach Japan?  I think the problem with 
Roland/Boss in terms of artist feedback has more to do with the size of 
their company than it has to do with geographical location.

I will say that there is a inadequate amount of information provided at 
US Roland website, though, especially compared to a website like that of 
Line 6.  How about some PDF manuals?  I love being able to browse through 
manual, real-life or virtual, before pruchasing a product.


    "Only the few know the sweetness of the twisted apples."
                      - Sherwood Anderson