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RE: bjork

who knows, but matmos will be bjorks opening act on her next tour, and
theyll be a part of her back up band to -thaniel ion lee

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About a year ago, news was going around that members of Matmos and Lesser 
were hired to produce "Bjork's next album". Having heard a few tracks from 
it, it sounds like "Dancer in the Dark" may be that album. Can anybody 
confirm or debunk that?

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>Subject: Re: feedback part2 the microphone checker strikes back
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>Hey! this is really cool. I'm also way into environmental noises, and
>often find
>myself singing along (I do throat singing drones, so it's easy to
>harmonize with
>a bathroom fan or cetera). I once heard an experimental ensemble in SF
>use a dot
>matrix printer as part of the rhythm section. They had different files
>to print out
>for each song.  I'm sure you've checked out Bjork's movie Dancing in the
>Dark. For
>me the best part was very early when I realized that all the machine
>sounds inthe factory
>were going in rhythm. This was somewhat subtle and happened before they
>came to the front of
>the mix for one of the shmaltzy dance numbers.
>ps: have you tried going to the store with binaural stealth microphones
>     in your glasses and a minidisc recorder in your pocket, like a
>     clandestine taper?
>-thaniel ion lee writes:
> >...  i
> >think the sounds my fridge makes are pretty i like the low fluxuating
> >humming sound it makes at night. i also like the sound of a empty office
> >flouresent lights make a wonderfully strange hum. copy machines make
> >dancable beats, so do old dot matrix printers, and people walking on 
> >wood floors. dont even get me started on the symphony of sound in the 
> >out lanes at grochery stores [beep, beep, cart noises, beep, beep, 
> >card sweep, beep beep, coupon check pricee check, beep, recept, your 
> >is beep] now thats what i call techno. -thaniel ion lee

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