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RE: Introduction

> From: "p koniuto" <taghairm@mindspring.com>> Hi Simran...welcome!
> It really looks like you are going to have
> a lot to contribute to this list.  Glad to
> have you aboard.

Thank you! I'm having fun so far!

> From: Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net>
> What you're doing sounds very interesting to me.  I used to play with a
> gentelman named Jason Mombert who did similar things, but he moved to
> Canada, and I to San Francisco.  Let me know when your next show is, I'd
> love to go.  Also, if you're looking for people to make music with, I'd
> love to play.  My rig will rock once I replace my JamMan with an
> Againinator?!
> Mark Sottilaro

Hi Mark, 
I'll be playing this weekend for the popcorn anti theater. Do you have
parts of your rig  that can run battery-powered? (The Againinator runs
on lunar power, does it not? ) It's a fairly impromptu gig; perhaps
like to join me. It's sunday & monday evening. Email if you're
interested, and I'll send details.