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Re: STEC Jam Man Upgrades


Where is the Stec Websit?. Does Bob still do mods on existing Jammen?

At 8:57 AM -0800 3/23/01, kevin wrote:
>Hi Anthony:
>We have one of the STEC modified Jamman.  It is an amazing and challenging
>beast, and anyone interested in one thoughtful designers take on looping
>would be well rewarded by looking at the STEC web sight.  Unfortunately, 
>was never able to get the rights from Lexicon to produce his machine.
>The STEC Jamman still works under the 32 second limitation. What a ride
>on 3/21/01 4:05 PM, Anthony.Hancock@ing.com.au at 
>>  Hello Loopy People,
>>  Have read some threads about possible changes done by Bob at Stec 
>>/ Lexicon to
>>  mod the Jam Man.  However it seemed the last info was in 1997...did 
>>  happen?
>>  Also is there anyway to increase memory beyond 32 secs.
>>  Hope to know.
>  > Anthony
>  >
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