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Re: hello

You might want to check the Boomerang or the Line6īs

--- Mike Feeney <feeneymike@yahoo.com> wrote:
>   Hi there,
>   I am new to the list, but I've been wanting to get
> into looping for quite
> some time.  I am a solo acoustic guitarist/vocalist,
> and I really want to
> get a looping unit for my performances.  I have read
> over a great deal of
> the
> info on the website, and of course thinking about
> the Oberheim EDP makes me
> drool, but I think it's out of my price range.  Are
> there looping units out
> there that are less expensive but still do a decent
> job?  I'm hoping to be
> able to loop at least 2 or 3 guitar patterns on top
> of each other, hopefully
> more.  Any recommendations on units that I should
> look at?  What prices?
> Thanks a bunch.
>   Mike Feeney
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