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RE: [ElectronicMusic] mp3.com

Wow... this addresses a problem I've been having with them as well... they
have absolutely no support. If you try to get support, you will get spammed
by their autoresponse system. I had an account from about a year ago, and
even though my page is still up, When I login, I can't access my song
library...I'd assume if you'd actually pay them $20/mo, they might actually
answer your emails, but who would take that chance... nothing that they
offer is even worth $20/mo. I could see maybe $5, but $20 is ridiculous
($240/yr!). Web hosting might cost as much if your using a lot of server
space, but they provide that part of the service for free. Thanks for the
links! I can't believe they are pulling this crap when they have some many
free competitors.


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:) MIRAI asked:
:) >> Have I misunderstood something.
:) >> Or has Mp3.com suddenly changed its tactics?
:) >> I.E. you have to pay 20.00 dollars a month
:) >> to be part of their P4P system?
:) >> MIRAI
:) Glenn responded:
:) >You didnt misunderstand. Yes they did change their tactics.
:) Paul Adams responded:
:) >This is partly true. Starting April 1st you will only be able
:) to get P4P with
:) >Premium Service. You may still have your work represented there
:) if you are
:) >not "premiumed".
:) And now I say:
:) That's right, folks.  It's now a Pay-to-Play scheme.  Of course,
:) if you don't
:) pay $20/month to get the Premium Service, I dare you to try and
:) upload anything
:) and get it installed in a timely manner...  Just my
:) not-so-humble opinion, not
:) based in verified fact.  But hearsay cited on the Ambient list
:) seems to be
:) pointing in that direction.  Here's a list of other sites I saw
:) on the Ambient
:) list.  Hey Glenn!  Sounds like a REAL NEWS STORY you may wish to 
:) covering in your e-zine.
:) www.iuma.com
:) www.besonic.com
:) www.audiogalaxy.com
:) www.vitaminic.com
:) www.riffage.com
:) www.somemusic.com
:) www.icast.com
:) music.tucows.com
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