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Re: [ElectronicMusic] radio

I found this posting very interesting. I like radio and experimental music.
I checked each link to music sites and explored how they organize content.
It seems there are two distinct type of music hosts; those that have
playlists and those that offer links to radio stations and hybrids. The
later sort offers the opportunity to be surprised by radio and therefore
seems like an appropriate medium for, well, loopers-delight type of stuff
which is very different.

I listen to internet radio through  http://www.imradio.com it's technology
that allows software or internet ready stereo devices like the Philips
http://www.internet-audio.philips.com/main/product.html to tune in internet
radio streams with a simple dial.

BTW one station I really like that inspires me to push harder is offered
through a variety of sources including iM Radio. It's KFJC 89.7 Los Altos
Ca. They have streams http://www.kfjc.org/netcast.html, a site
http://www.kfjc.org  and database of obscure music -

I find this all very exciting and am looking forward to the loopers-delight
radio show. -pb

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> Thanks for the postings.... I thought it was just me having a problem
> getting new material onto my page at MP3.com. I've had a song in limbo 
> about 4 weeks now and, as usual, no response from them.
> A friend of mine was experiencing  a similar situation until he signed up
> for the plan and suddenly his songs were posted.
> I've been with MP3.com for several years and during that time watched as
> they tried scheme after scheme, starting with the "My MP3"  and ,IMHO,
> moving away from the basic strength of the site: Providing an uncensored
> space where musicians  of all genre could get there work out to other
> musicians and music fans. Maybe not a great money maker, although I
> probably bought more DAM cd from them than I did
> "commerical" cds this year.
> For now I'll probably leave my stuff there as I'm just beginning to get
> some notice, but I'll be looking into the other sites.
> Since the new "Pay to get paid" is month by month, I suppose you could
> write for several months, sign up for one month and do a hell of a lot of
> posting. ( Their DAM cd program is still a great deal.I was just getting
> ready to post another when all of this happened. )
> Anyway that just my take on it....
> Will Green