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Re: hello

At 1:20 PM -0800 3/25/01, roberto wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> I read up on things before sending that last message, but now that I've
>> looked around a bit more, I think I might go with the Boomerang.  I 
>read the
>> reviews of it on the website.  I found one new at Mars Music for $449.  
>> that a fair price for it?  Does anyone have any criticisms of the 'Rang?
>> Thanks guys.
>> Mike
>The Boomerang looks interesting but the Boss RC-20 loop station looks even
>better at a fraction of the price. However, I haven't tried one yet nor 
>of anyone who has - it's not available yet in the UK. Anyone knows more?

the boss lists for $400, so it is not a very small fraction of the price.
Certainly it costs a lot more than a dl-4.

I'm curious, what functionality of the rc-20 makes you think it is better
than the boomerang? (aside from the fact that it is not shipping and
therefore must be perfect. :-)    From the demo I saw at NAMM, I had a
tough time understanding why anybody would choose the boss over the
boomerang or the dl-4. what do you see about it that you like?


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