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Revenge of the ambient guitar-loop paradigm

Hello list,

I've just uploaded a ton of streaming, full-length samples of music of
mine from over the years, including a number of solo guitar-loop
thingies.  Here are some direct links to RealAudio streams for you:


A pretty convincing Gyorgy Ligetti rip-off.  Don't blame me if a
monolith materializes behind you.


A 17-minute e-bowed extraveganza that morphs from a decent Debussy
impersonation into a cosmic pipe organ.  Either an authentic ambient
genre piece, or a
horrendous stylistic cliche, depending on your point of view...


An excerpt from a live guitar synth performance (put those crucifixes
and garlic cloves away, please) at infamous LA restaurant Lumpy Gravy,
which drove several elderly customers out of the place with expressions
of pain on their faces.  (I wasn't hired back after this one...)


Robot cat takes spin in washing machine, sounds tornado alarm, ascends
top of holy mountain, merges with Atman. 

Details on all of these and more can be found at


Thanks for your ears and attention...

The beatings will continue until the morale improves,

Andre LaFosse | Disruption Theory | http://www.altruistmusic.com
"A spectacular collision of manifold musical thoughts and patterns... To
call Disruption Theory a futuristic album would be an understatement."
(20th Century Guitar Magazine, February 2001)
"His six-stringer is pumped up with energy, creating a firestorm of
pyrotechnics and burning sounds, but with a sensitivity to weirdness and
experimentation. Disruption Theory reveals the difference it makes when
a player knows what he is doing. Here is one that deserves the title
'unique'." (Expose Magazine, October 2000) 

"Fripp and Zappa, step aside."  (MOJO Magazine, May 2000)