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Re: Drum machine set up for looping rack

Your email read "seperate track" therefore being misleading. You need to
think "out of the box".
I understand what you are doing, thanks for clarifying. 

Denis Aldrich wrote:
> Dear Jim,
> Yes, I understand that under one pattern storage location, left and right
> outputs from pads are selected. These left/right outputs are quantized 
> same with the same time signature of the pattern selected.
> Am I not correct that the patterns are not panned, but the pads are?
> With pads that can be panned individually full right and full left it is
> possible to construct a pattern for the left side and a pattern for the
> right.
> Still, you can have much different rythems going to the left and right
> sides.  By fading from one side to the other, they will seem much 
> and _seem_ to be seperate rhythems.  Granted, they are stored in the same
> pattern location.
> Lets say we set up a 4/3 (thats 3 bars) pattern at a location with all 
> panned left. This would be 12 quarter notes long. Lets assign unused 
>pads to
> the same sounds and pan them right. Now with the newly assigned pads play
> 3/4 time.  Even though you have 4/3 selected for the pattern location 
> one side is really playing this 4/4 time, while the other is playing 3/4.
> Now if we faded between left and right outputs it would blend 4/4 to 3/4.
> Just trying to think outside the box, Jim.  By definition in the manual 
> are very right. (except for I think the part about panning the patterns 
>- as
> the pads are panned, not the patterns.)
> Denis
> From:  "Jim Schaefer" <jimsch@fullcompass.com>
> To:  Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject:  Re: Drum machine set up for looping rack
> Date:  Tue, 27 Mar 2001 14:48:41 -0600
> I also own a DR5. It does not allow for seperate rhythms playing
> continuously on left and right sides. You can program (x) amount of
> measures of one pattern, then (x) amount of measures of another pattern
> and pan them respectively.
>              - Jim
> Denis Aldrich wrote:
> >
> >Hello loopers,
> >In setting up my rack, I plan to use a sterio drum machine. A Dr-5 to be
> >specific. I am thinking of panning all drums either full right or left
> >within the drum machine.  The outputs I plan to go into a crossfade 
> >and then into their respective channels on the mixer.
> >
> >With this setup I should be able to have a separate drum track on left 
> >right, but able to blend from one rythem to another and back again with
> >their own individual effect chained in.  At the mixer the inputs can be
> >center panned back or have a LFO control the pan. Has anyone done 
> >like this?  Does it seem to anybody else that this could be a neat way 
> >blend rythem changes?  The Dr-5 also has "fill to variation and fill to
> >original" options that would allow multipule "rythem pairs" to be used 
> >one song.  Should I or shouldn't I, that is the question. :-)
> >Denis
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