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RE: Drum machine set up for looping rack

I can't speak to the DR-5, but I do have a DR-770 and love it! It certainly
seems to be fully functional for my needs, as well as being very intuitive
and easy to use (especially in real time mode). Sounds are excellent,
although I'm a little disappointed in the selection of cymbals in the
pre-programmed stock drum kits. But hey, you can create your own drum kits
and you have amazing depth in this area. Here's a tip: set up similar drum
sounds in both the A/B pad banks, and then play your rhythms using the A/B
pads (this will make sense if you get the unit). It adds a lot of depth.
That, combined with the 'swing' feature, velocity sensitive pads, a full
MIDI implementation and 'ambience' makes it about as good as a rhythm
machine can be.

The DR-770 offers 'original,' 'variation' and two fill-in patterns on each
of these for a total of four related patterns in each group of patterns.
There's 400 pre-built patterns to use, and it's very easy to put together a
decent song with it in short order. To answer your specific question,
however, no drum machine that I'm aware of will allow you to run separate
patterns on L/R and fade back and forth between the two. If you want to do
this, you'll need two DR-770s (or DR-5s).

One other thing: run it in stereo and you'll find that each drum kit has a
built-in stereo pan set up. It's not always the panning you want, but if 
don't want to spend all day modifying things, it's a great way to get 
down while concentrating on the creative elements of what you're writing.
The first time I ran it in stereo, I was very pleasantly surprised! Quite
simply, I NEVER run it in mono.

There so much more that could be said about this unit. Let me just say that
I recommend it highly and am very pleased with my purchase!

One other note: I also bought a Roland Handsonic, thinking that with the
larger pads, I could use it to replace the DR-770 for real time recording.
No way. The Handsonic is great for percussion, but I had to pull the DR-770
out of the closet for drum work. It's that good.


> I own a DR-5 and am over it- and unless you need the other tracks I would
> reccomend you sell it- I borrowed a DR-770 recently- much better sounds,
> more memory, roll/flam button, much better pads and sesitivity
> levels, drum
> panning etc- If only the DR-5 were upgradable...
> My $.02
> Cliff
> > I also own a DR5. It does not allow for seperate rhythms playing
> > continuously on left and right sides. You can program (x) amount of
> > measures of one pattern, then (x) amount of measures of another pattern
> > and pan them respectively.
> >
> >
> >              - Jim
> >
> > Denis Aldrich wrote:
> > >
> > > Hello loopers,
> > > In setting up my rack, I plan to use a sterio drum machine. A
> Dr-5 to be
> > > specific. I am thinking of panning all drums either full right or 
> > > within the drum machine.  The outputs I plan to go into a crossfade
> pedal
> > > and then into their respective channels on the mixer.
> > >
> > > With this setup I should be able to have a separate drum track on 
> and
> > > right, but able to blend from one rythem to another and back
> again with
> > > their own individual effect chained in.  At the mixer the
> inputs can be
> > > center panned back or have a LFO control the pan. Has anyone done
> anything
> > > like this?  Does it seem to anybody else that this could be a neat 
> to
> > > blend rythem changes?  The Dr-5 also has "fill to variation
> and fill to
> > > original" options that would allow multipule "rythem pairs" to be 
> in
> > > one song.  Should I or shouldn't I, that is the question. :-)
> > > Denis
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