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Re: Sound Forge

I'd would recomend Sound Forge to anyone who needs to edit audio, it's a
great program. But, if you are happy with wavelab, there isn't any reason 

The biggest additions to the new version is 24/96 support, and the bundling
of Acoustic Mirror and XFX1,2,3 with it. For anyone who had obtained those
already, there isn't all that much to get excited about in terms of new

The 24/96 support is however a >really< good thing. Before, you were 
to 16 bit files, which meant that by the time you had finished mastering,
your audio had been dithered to death. Now, you can upsample first and lose


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> Speaking of software, I recently got a mailer from Sonic Foundry
> offering Sound Forge 5.0 for $99 until the 31st of March.  Has anyone
> here tried the new version yet?  Opinions?  I'm using Wavelab now, in
> case anyone can offer a comparison.
> -Hans