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RE: Sound Forge and VEGAS!


I haven't used vegas, but I do know that if you are after a purely audio
multitracker the SAW range comes highly recommended by its fiercely devoted
user group.  It doesn't get much mainstream press as the company (IQS) has 
slightly anti-industry tilt.  Go check out http://www.pcrecording.com/, 
have a bunch of reviews of hardware and software that is usefull.


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I recommend Sound Forge also. I visited their website today (thanks for the
heads-up, Hans), and ordered the upgrade that is available on their site as

Like biz, I was excited about the 24/96 support - very useful. But I was
also excited about Vegas (the lite version ships with Sound Forge). This
seems to be a good multitrack program. I'm tempted to upgrade to the full
version after I get the LE serial number with Sound Forge.

But let me ask because I don't know much about this kind of software... do
you any of you use Vegas? Like it? Hate it? Is there anything better out
there? I'm looking for a very capable full-featured program, and I'm on a 
(although I have an iMac too if that's the platform of choice for music 
and the iMac has enough juice to run those apps).

What say all you good folks?


> The biggest additions to the new version is 24/96 support, and
> the bundling
> of Acoustic Mirror and XFX1,2,3 with it. For anyone who had obtained 
> already, there isn't all that much to get excited about in terms of new
> features.
> > Speaking of software, I recently got a mailer from Sonic Foundry
> > offering Sound Forge 5.0 for $99 until the 31st of March.  Has anyone
> > here tried the new version yet?  Opinions?  I'm using Wavelab now, in
> > case anyone can offer a comparison.