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RE: Sound Forge and VEGAS!

Yea, Sound Forge is the Shiznit ! I found that the Vegas Lyte was TOO lite for my needs, so I Opted to get The Vegas Audio 2.0. I do a lot of remixing, and editing so I needed a STRONGER Multitrack application than what was given.

I just love Sound Forge for it's OLE drage and drop capabilities. For example, I was doing a remix, and I had a sample that I wanted drop into the mix, but with a 3 hdd's and over 8 gigs of MP3's, wav samples, I could not find that sample for the life of me. I did a search using WinMe file search, I located the errant file, and dragged it from my search results, right into the Sound Forge work area ! It was like magic ! I used to use Cool Edit Pro 1.2a, but the interface was too clunky, and unless you KNOW where all your files are at, you can't drag and drop things in. Oh, another thing, with Vegas, you can mix MP3's with .wav's, with little difficulties (I found that Vegas will shut down, if the bit rates are really flakey between MP3 and wav file... there might be a patch for that in the works though).

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From: "Kevin Mulvihill"
Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: RE: Sound Forge and VEGAS!
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 21:28:38 -0800
I recommend Sound Forge also. I visited their website today (thanks for the
heads-up, Hans), and ordered the upgrade that is available on their site as
Like biz, I was excited about the 24/96 support - very useful. But I was
also excited about Vegas (the lite version ships with Sound Forge). This
seems to be a good multitrack program. I'm tempted to upgrade to the full
version after I get the LE serial number with Sound Forge.
But let me ask because I don't know much about this kind of software... do
you any of you use Vegas? Like it? Hate it? Is there anything better out
there? I'm looking for a very capable full-featured program, and I'm on a PC
(although I have an iMac too if that's the platform of choice for music work
and the iMac has enough juice to run those apps).
What say all you good folks?
> The biggest additions to the new version is 24/96 support, and
> the bundling
> of Acoustic Mirror and XFX1,2,3 with it. For anyone who had obtained those
> already, there isn't all that much to get excited about in terms of new
> features.
> > Speaking of software, I recently got a mailer from Sonic Foundry
> > offering Sound Forge 5.0 for $99 until the 31st of March. Has anyone
> > here tried the new version yet? Opinions? I'm using Wavelab now, in
> > case anyone can offer a comparison.

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