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mp3 streaming and pc looping


spose I should say a little about myself so I'm not such a stranger.  I'm
quite interested in loops from a compositional viewpoint.  I Would like to
get into the performance side of things, but I'm a poor student so most of
my dallies have been with record loops, tape loops and two second delays.
Plus being in Australia, both our dollar and distance neither make the
purchase of a decent looping device any easier!  N e way, I mostly lurk 
for the good discussions of loop oriented gear, music and techniques, and
have done so since '99.

On the topic, tho, you might want to check out http://www.hitsquad.com/smm
and check under the respective operating systems for streaming software as
most platforms have some sort of Shoutcast equivalent.

Secondly, does anyone out there with PC experience know of the feasibility
of writing  dedicated phrase sampling live looping software for PC 
Or is the latency introduced by our modern GUI's too much to work with, no
matter how sharp your algorithms?

all the best