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Re: PMC10 Q's

> search for adaptaplug at www.radioshack.com .  What I described involves
> soldering and no modifications of either the pmc10 or the 5-7 cable
> you could try that approach).  I tried and failed miserably at soldering
> together an adapter, but those power adapter plugs were too tiny for my

This is a cool idea.  Thanks!

The discussion reminds me of some adpaters that I cobbled together 
They turned out to be pretty handy and maybe others will find them handy as

I soldered up a pair of MIDI-to-XLR adapters.  One adapter had a standard
MIDI plug connected to an XLR male; the other had a standard MIDI plug
connected to an XLR female.  The adapter pair enabled me to use my normal
mic cables to run MIDI.  I need to run the MIDI signal about 20-30 feet.  
course the balanced mic line eliminated the MIDI power, but that wasn't
important for my application.

It worked great!  But I've never seen these adapters anywhere.  Anybody 
of a manufacturer?

Dennis Leas