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Re: wall wart grief


I totally agree with your expert explanation. You are certainly correct.
In theory, definite. In practice, no promises. What you must take into
account is the many different makes and models out there. I have seen
many pieces of gear fail because an incorrect type of supply was used. I
suppose I should have been more clear. It is not recommended to use the
wrong type of supply. 

For example:

If you use an off brand wall wart to power certain BOSS pedals or Drum
Machines, you will get noisy output or erratic operation. This is
because the BOSS supplies have filtering and regulation. Some older
Alesis pieces fail when used with a DC supply. I've seen it happen!

You go ahead and take the gamble on the quality of the design, it keeps
me in business!

For what it's worth

Will Brake
Soul Fruit

> This statement is not true.  I know because I have powered ac input
> devices (roland gr-09) with the same value dc input.  It does work.  I
> am an electrical engineer.  The ac input device has diodes inside to
> rectify the ac.  If you pass a dc voltage into the rectifiers, they
> simply pass the current through, if they are forward biased.  As long
> as you do not exceed the diode's voltage rating, and current rating
> there will be no problems.  This has been discussed here before.
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