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Re: wall wart grief

Thanks for the info, Will.  When I bought my last Kaoss, the sales guy at
Manny's said, 'keep the receipt so you can bring it back if anything's
wrong!'.  Lucky so far.  The Pad uses DC, so at least I don't have that
particular anxiety.

The Mouser (Phihong) 'universal input adapters' I'm looking at (pg. 316 of
the latest Mouser catalog, if you happen to have one) look pretty good; up
to 5 amps in a very slim package.  One thing which is interesting is that
they list input as "90 VAC to 254 VAC"--seen these?  It would be great to
find that toting a heavy stepdown transformer to Europe is unnecessary!  On
the other hand, maybe I'm courting trouble enough as is...


> David,
> I have known the Kaoss units to fail with no prompting. I suspect a bad
> lot of parts, but supply issues could certainly be counted as potential
> causes. Korg has been pretty tight lipped when it comes to supporting
> the repair of these units. It took months for them to get service docs
> together and they won't do board swaps under warranty. I've personally
> worked on six of them since they came out. I think I've seen two
> Nanocomps for problems since they were released. They are very reliable
> units. I have yet to see the DL-4 or AirFX in need of repair.
> Be Well
> Will Brake
> Soul Fruit