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Re: JamMan Stereo Question

Title: Re: JamMan Stereo Question
also, as i learned from a list member last year sometime, the dual outputs and the summing to mono allows for a unique 'hardwired loop' configuration in conjunction with an aux send and return on a mixer.  Put in a couple of volume pedals and an a/b switch, and you get an interesting delay/loop setup with pedal controlled feedback & loop mix level, a EDP like multiply/divide type function, and some oversaturation/self oscillating if ya want it.



If you have a stereo source you can run it through
the JamMan without monoing it.
of course the loops will all be mono.
..but its potentially a useful feature.

this was discussed on LD a while back so
might be worth searching the archive( feelings
seemed to run quite high on this one)